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The Love Letters Bundle

The Love Letters Bundle

The Love Letters Bundle is back! A fan favourite from last year is back just in time for Valentines day. 


PB & J , Lock & Key, some pairs are just meant to be! Our special limited edition Love Letters Bundle features our single heart bead bracelet with our new gold stacking bracelet & a custom I ♥️ U bracelet, paired with the cutest personalized Valentine Card to gift to your beloved or your bestie … the most darling token of love they’ll ever see. Who says love letters are only for your S.O? Send a bundle to your bestie or your beloved and spread the love this Valentine’s Day.


Fill in the blanks! Copy and paste this with how you'd like to personalize the note in the 'What would you like the fill in the blanks to say?' box below! 

Blank 1. Valentine's Name: 

Blank 2. Adjective:
Blank 3. Location:

Blank 4. Verb (1):

Blank 5. Verb (2):

Blank 6. Adjective: 

Blank 7. Noun:

Blank 8. With love, (from):